DJ Rory

DJ Rory Miller, a good solid choice when it comes to entertaining. He has a talent for bringing people out of their shells & turning them into Karaoke Superstars, with the ability to read the crowd.

Birthdays, Wedding and Karaoke – whatever the event, Rory always delivers a top service, leaving you wanting more. Rory is know for his MIC skills. So, if you need a great DJ for your event, one that is sure to get people up, you can rely on him to do the job.

He is very enthusiastic and works hard to deliver results to the customer & to ensure everyone has a fantastic time. Music has been a passion for a long time, its a big part of his life and he feels at home. he looks forward to what future brings with many new challenges on the horizon. 

Rory is available to book for Pubs, Clubs and private functions, Karaoke & adult Discos.


Musical Style: Anything Goes!